Book 1 – Improve the Quality of Life With the Power of Feng Shui (English)

Feng Shui is the path of life!

The following metaphor may help illustrate the point: A Mercedes Benz driver takes a ride on a bumpy road and a Nissan Sunny driver drives along a smooth highway. Which driver would find the journey most enjoyable? You might surmise that the Nissan driver would enjoy the smooth road more. Yet, the answer could be both, because the discomfort of the bumpy road could be offset by the comfort provided by the luxurious Mercedes. Nonetheless, at the end of the journey, the Mercedes will remain as a Mercedes and the Nissan will still be a Nissan.

One sure thing is that correctly applying Feng Shui principles to your life makes your path easier or smoother. We will get to our destination much sooner and with less distraction or deviance from our life path. Moreover, the Yin and Yang theories remind us that change is constant and it is thus worthwhile to keep that in mind as we pursue our daily life activities.

The Power of Feng Shui!

It is viewed as environmental studies that harness the best possible ‘kind’ energies and avoid the ‘unkind’ energies at the right time, at the right place for the right person. It is propelling one to succeed by never giving up on inner universe, combines with hard work and determination toward excellence is the best way to succeed. This book explores the power of universe not as something you do, but as energy that you are part of it.

Feng Shui is not miracle but Feng Shui does create miracle! Something to ponder in such a paradoxical view.