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Around 6,500 years ago the Chinese mastered the science of astrology … you want science to prove it, please read on and then pass this article to feng shui skeptics! Oh, I was once a skeptic too!

Xishuipo is a Neolithic site in Puyang, Henan province associated with the Yangshao culture. The site was excavated in 1987 and 1988, and 186 burials were discovered. From then, China’s fate as an earth power started to be recognized.

In one of the burials, tomb M45, is the body of a tall adult male. He is flanked by two mosaics formed from white clamshells – a tiger to his left and a dragon to his right. Clamshell mosaics were also found in two nearby caches. The burial was accompanied by the bodies of three young children.

Some archaeologists think the man was a shaman, but, according to Lao Tzu, this was the tomb of Huang Di – the Yellow Emperor – despite many believing it belonged to Fuxi.

This extraordinary archaeological find is a vivid example of a feng shui setting. The tomb’s orientation and grave are examples of traditional knowledge of cosmological interactions with human beings on Earth.

The grave is aligned with the man’s feet to the north and head to the south (an example of mirror reflection of cosmic stars). With a dragon to his east, a tiger to his west, these cardinal directions associated with the dragon and tiger are precisely the same as the correlative cosmology of some 3,000 years later! Cerulean Dragon to the east is the constellation comprising Vir-Sco and White Tiger to the west corresponds to And-Ori.

A mosaic that was found in the north has been taken to represent the Northern Dipper. Some see this as the map of the heavens, some see tomb M45 as an actual sky map! Such orientation is well-documented with conventional cosmological corrections of the late first millennium BC. Remember, this grave is more than 6,500 years old!

Since the discovery of this tomb China’s economy has been on the rise. Feng shui is at work here. Nevertheless, if China wants to keep developing and sustain the level of achievement, a humane side of creating values and virtues is indeed needed.

The Yellow Emperor is one of the legendary Chinese sovereigns and culture heroes included among the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors. Tradition holds that Huang Di reigned from 2697 BC to 2597 BC. The Yellow Emperor is regarded as the initiator of Chinese civilization and the ancestor of all Huaxia Chinese.

Yes, if you are Chinese, he is your ancestor! Thought of the day: Ultimately, it’s the Tao that matters and not the teachings – Lao Tzu.

History of Feng Shui

Since the Tang Dynasty, Feng Shui has been a formalized tool of selecting auspicious sites. For many centuries Feng Shui remained the exclusive preserve of the Imperial family and ruling classes. Master Yang Yun Sung, an adviser to the Emperor in A.D. 880, is widely recognized as the founder of Feng Shui. Emperor would seek his advises on selection of auspicious sites. Master Yang’s work on capturing the dragon’s breath was required reading in the Imperial exams. He placed of lot of emphasis on the shape of mountain and the way to locate an auspicious dragon, where the energy is forming. He described landforms, weather conditions and shapes in terms of dragon’s body parts. Most scholars accept him as the forefather of this modern interpretation of Feng Shui that is known as the Compass School . The Compass School brings in more depth; it is more scientific than practical and has evolved in many different directions over the last few centuries.

At its basic, Feng Shui evolved out of the practical, common sense observation that their environments affect people. It is considered that the environment we live in is a vital element in the art of living. Based on the interactions of the Solar System (heaven), living environment (earth), and a person birth date (human) or Tian De Ren. Feng Shui is the system that with mathematics base that uncovers the most favorable directions or sites to live and work in.

Feng Shui is not a question of fortune per se. Whether you live in a mansion filled with antiques and tailor-made furniture, or a home filled with old newspapers and magazines, one thing in common for sure is that the energy patterns of each home need to be defined, and if necessary, remedies to fit the person living in it.

Chinese believe that some places or locations are more auspicious than others. This belief grew out of the simple realization that every building is affected by the way in which it faces mountain or river. For example, the ancient Chinese learned that a house facing south, located halfway up a hill (back is supported by hill) on the north side of a river mouth got enough sun light while being protected from gusty winds. It also avoided floods while still having access to water for agricultural produces. In such a setting the house stayed warm in winter, crops grew, livestock flourished and the family prospered. Feng Shui is about harnessing beneficial energy and evading negative one.

Therefore, it is concluded that if you are in balance and harmony with your environment, experiencing a positive and smooth flow of energy, you will improve your fortunes, health and happiness. If you change your surroundings or fittings, you can change your life. Feng Shui grew out of the search for antidotes when the ideal space was not available. Thus, the goal of Feng Shui is to detect the bad energy and attract the good ones. Identifying the most advantages site or locations that create beneficial environment is the main goal of Feng Shui. The intention is to achieve a state of harmony between the house and its inhabitants that leads to good fortune and health, friendships, peace and family harmony. At the same time, we want to reduce the chances for unfortunate occurrences such as accidents, robberies, arguments, and so on.

Overseas Chinese of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia Singapore and those living abroad have long aware of the existence and importance of Feng Shui. Today, more and more people, businesses, and corporations around the globe are applying essential Feng Shui principles and concepts in order to gain positive changes in their lives. It is experiencing a massive revival in the Western World, including the United States, Australia,Canada and Europe . It has mainstream appeal as more and more people become aware of its wonderful benefits and have develop a desire to live in harmony with the earth’s natural.

Easy Feng Shui

To begin feeling the powerful influence of Feng Shui in your life, start by applying the principles found in the following section. First, you will need to find your favorable elements, followed by direction, colors and so forth. A simple example can help: If you were born during the hot summer period of May 5th through August 8th, you will need metal and water elements in your environment. Then, your favorable direction/location would be west and north, and your favorable colors would be black/white/beige/silver. Properly applying this new knowledge into your life can yield profound results. Wear it, sit on it and live it and you will see the difference.

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