According to Confucius, those who do not know life destiny is not a true gentlemen, he went on an elaborate that by the time a man in his thirties, he has a base to form his career, by forties he has his own and creative thinking and by fifties he will come to realize and understand the existence of life destiny.

The Four Pillars of Life technique (commonly known as Ba Zi) has evolved from practices dating from 4,000 years ago. Combining philosophical and scientific approaches, Four Pillars of Life is a code that represents the year, month, day and time of birth.

The earliest observations of ‘5 stars’ and ‘7 major and 4 minor stars’, which are two ancient Chinese traditional methods that study and analyze the cosmos and universe, evolved to become the what we now know as Xu Zhe Ping’s Four Pillars of Life.

While studying the interaction between Heaven (tian), human (ren), and Earth (de), a pattern began to appear. This pattern represents the cyclical influence of the energies in the universe blueprinted on us during the time of our birth. This information is encrypted in the form of Eight Characters (Ba Zi). The study and practice of Ba Zi allow us to decrypt this code and reveal our destiny indicated by it.

In order to perform Four Pillars reading, the four specific times (year, month, day and time) are arranged in four columns or pillars. Each pillar of time is denoted by two words; the first is comprised of the ‘Ten Heavenly Stems’, which are the Yin and Yang parts of the five elements Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood; the second word is composed of the ‘Twelve Earthly Branches’, more commonly known as the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

The Four Pillars of Life technique represents the static chart of our life destiny. The eight characters are called ‘Ming Kong’ or life chart. Our life path or destiny is calculated in what we call the dynamic pillars, which represent ten-year periods of our life. These pillars are known as ‘journey of life’ or ‘life path’. If we have a good life chart, we need to be supported by the right opportunity in order for its true potential to be realized. Conversely, a mediocre life chart can be helped by good sets of ‘luck pillars’, which is something for us to ponder.