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This Daoism Metaphysics website is a portal designed to assist scholars, practitioners and students to learn the 3 teachings, namely Daoism, Confucianism and Buddhism, which also incorporate the field of metaphysics. We believe practitioners and interested members of the public in furthering knowledge about this Fusion of teachings will be enlightened by this traditional Chinese culture that existed more than 6,000 years old.

The fact that normal people would only associate metaphysic as Feng Shui, Face Reading and some oracle divine that seeking for by fortune telling is misleading the public.

The word metaphysics derives from the Greek words μετά (Meta) and the prefix Meta- (beyond) indicates that these works come after the chapters on physics. The word metaphysics is a traditional branch of philosophy that explain the fundamental nature being and the world. Metaphysicians attempts to clarify the basic notions by which people understand the world. In a nutshell before existence of Religious great sages or religious, metaphysics do exist and with the attempts to explain what this world is all about. The fact that today’s scientists admit that science can only explain merely 5% of cosmic world indeed proof the subject of metaphysic still valid and meaningful in terms of expressing its philosophical values.

Life Guidance through the Dicipline of Chinese Metaphysics.

Live the life that you want. Know your direction and live with passion.

Mission: To provide effective and efficient tools to enhance a person’s journey and life.

Life Guidance is a personal tailor-made program structured to bring your personality and life patterns to your awareness. Through actual birth data, we can determine the type of patterns that can influence your life. The revelation of your own unique characteristics and an understanding of the ways in which other people perceive you and your intrinsic inner values can help you integrate your life purpose and the right path, thereby creating greater harmony.

A life analysis is about discovering your strengths and identifying weak spots that limit beliefs and restrict the ability to form thoughts in your unconscious. By learning about these patterns you can begin to understand your own energy and channel it confidently throughout the different phases of life. This puts you in a better position to deal with fears and unhelpful thought patterns, and to nurture your gifts and talents. It is a useful tool to help you get insight into your own energy and how your energy flows and responds to different phases of life. Knowing yourself is to know opportunities.

We also look at your interaction with your environment. Life Guidance is a tool for creating the ideal environment in which to live and work. Life consists of both visible and invisible energy forces. The aim is to position you in locations and directions that are favorable or auspicious, and to avoid those that are otherwise. This art of placement is designed to align your directional influence of life-force energy to optimize your performance, to correct the flow of life-force energy caused by both structural problems and placements in your living and working areas.

Life Guidance life analysis uses traditional Chinese tools such as Four Pillars of Life, Zhi Mei Astrology, Flying Stars, Eight Mansions and Five Elements to analyze and diagnose your situation. All we need is your birth data (year, month, date, time and place of birth) and your house or building floor plans (A sketch of the house or building floor plans with a notation as to the compass direction). 

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