A Good Beginning if Half Done

– Ancient Chinese

Just as the space in which we live and work affects our lives and business ventures, so too do the dates and times at which we do things.

Many of the events and activities which we undertake are either routine or of limited importance. Occasionally, however, we undertake something of great personal significance, be it getting married, selling our old house, moving into a new apartment, starting a new business venture, commencing building work, signing a contract or other significant events.

There are many ways in which auspicious or favorable dates can be calculated. One popular Chinese method, known as Kei Mun Tung Kap (or Chinese Tung Seng), uses the year as the control agent. However, the most complex method of all – those based on the Ba Zi – is what we will use to provide you with most personal tailor-made date(s) calculation.

For example, we will identify the most auspicious days for getting married, as well as unfavorable days, which must be avoided at all costs. For those intending to find the best dates for job interviews, residential moves or renovations, or those looking for the best baby arrival date, please refer to our services column for more details.

Whilst many of the calculations are of a general nature, there are also specific calculations for certain kinds of activity, which is why we also need details of the event. Just as with Feng Shui, each calculation yields useful information about the whole picture, but the more in-depth the calculations the better the results in terms of charting powerful influences.

Let the Auspicious Energy of Yang Occasion Usher in the World of Abundance

To cater to these situations we offer date calculation services by post/email. Please refer our services/online courses, you need to provide details of the event and birth details of the people or business concerned.