There are a great number of Feng Shui consultants in the marketplace who will gladly sell you a crystal bowl, an expensive water fountain or wind chimes, semi-precious gemstones or expensive statues and figurines and then tell you where to place them in your house to avoid inauspicious energies and attract auspicious ones.  However, is it really necessary to buy all of these accoutrements in order to obtain wealth, health and happiness? The answer is simply “no”.

Rather than purchasing expensive items, you can exchange them with less precious items that still provide the same or similar levels of energetic influence. For example, lucky bamboo could be replaced by inexpensive green carpet, or eight white stones could replace an expensive crystal bowl, expensive wind chimes could be replaced by a low-priced music box, and the list goes on. Clearly, making proper exchanges requires knowledge, but self-studycan certainly provide that if you are motivated.

While Feng Shui is highly flexible in many ways, there are some things in life that it cannot make up for, such as the hand fate gave you when you were born. Ultimately, Feng Shui is concerned with the balancing of energies in your home though the correct use of the Five Elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) and the Yin & Yang theories. But it is important to realize that Feng Shui’s power can only have influence over energies that are already available to work with. And not everyone is born with the same potential or the same advantages. We have to accept the fact that some people are “born with a silver spoon” and some are not, and some are smarter than others. As such, Feng Shui will work differently depending upon each individual’s life path.

The following metaphor may help illustrate the point: A Mercedes Benz driver takes a ride on a bumpy road and a Nissan Sunny driver drives along a smooth highway. Which driver would find the journey most enjoyable? You might surmise that the Nissan driver would enjoy the smooth road more. Yet, the answer could be both, because the discomfort of the bumpy road could be offset by the comfort provided by the luxurious Mercedes. Nonetheless, at the end of the journey the Mercedes will remain as a Mercedes and the Nissan will still be a Nissan.

One sure thing is that correctly applying Feng Shui principles to your life makes your path easier or smoother. We will get to our destination much sooner and with less distraction or deviance from our life path. And, the Yin and Yang theories remind us that change is constant and it is thus worthwhile to keep that in mind as we pursue our daily life activities.

Life is a bell shaped curve..activities with patterns and cycles…….