Check out 2010 Good or Bad for me?

1.0 Life Reading-History of Four Pillars of Life (Ba Zi)

2.0 Example of a Four Pillars of Life Formation

2011 Feng Shui remedy

2011 Feng Shui remedy 2

3.0 The Need to Study our Life Path

4.0 Zhi Mei Astrology

6.0 History of China

7.0 2006 Chinese Zodiacs Reading

7.0 2007 Chinese Zodiacs Reading

7.0 2008 Chinese Zodiacs Reading

7.0 2008 Flying Star Reading

7.0 2008 Yearly Bazi Reading

7.0 2009 Chinese Zodiacs Reading

7.0 2009 Flying Star Reading

7.0 2009 Yearly Stem Reading

8.0 Performed Live’ Life Reading’ in Hong Kong

9.0 Comprehensive Life Reading Report (11pages)

9.1 Sample of Basic Life Reading Report

9.2 Annual Romance & Relationship Stars

9.3 Annual 5-Yellow and 2-Black Stars

9.4 What is your Chinese Zodiac?

9.5 Becoming Free

9.6 Recent Thailand Trip

9.7 9 Star Persons

9.8 System of 5 Elements

9.8.1 Chinese Basic Numbers


Check out 2011 Good or bad for me?

Chinese Zodiacs Reading for 2010

Confucianism versus Daoism

Dao De Ching by Laozhe

Dragon Seaching Process-Hok Tou Water Pond

Dragon Seaching Process-Hong Kong Premier Dragons

Dragon Seaching Process-Kowloon Hang Hill

Dragon Searching Process- Hong Kong Real Dragon Trails

Dragon Searching Process-Dan Hang Hok Tou

Dragon Searching Process-Lantau Island

Dragon Searching Process-Lau Fau Shan

Dragon Searching Process-Lo Wai Tsuen

Dragon Searching Process-Long Ku Tan

Dragon Searching Process-Tai Mou Sha

Dragon Searching Process-Yuen Long Tai Tong

Early Signs of Sichuan Earthquake

Fate and Destiny

Feng Shui Artilces in Standard-August 2010

Filial Devotion

Golden Scripture Jade Mirror-Serial 1

Hong Kong Dollar De-peg by 2015?

Hong Kong Feng Shui part 1

Hong Kong Feng Shui-part 2

Master in Qigong with his caligraphical work

New Book-Power of Feng Shui (congrates notes-2)

New Book-Power of Feng Shui (congrats notes)

New York Times Quote-Jan 27th 2009

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Newsletter 34th-July 2008

Newsletter 35th-August 2008

Newsletter 36th -September 2008

Newsletter 37th- October 2008

Newsletter 38th-Nov 2008

Newsletter 39th-Dec 2008

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Newsletter 52nd- January 2010

Newsletter 53rd- February 2010

POWER of Feng Shui- by Kerby Kuek

President Obama

Shatin Museum

Sound Adoptions Theroy

Sounds Adoption Reading Theory Method

The 24 Solar Terms

The Year of 2011 and beyond


What Books Do I Read?

What in store for 2010?

What Kind of Thunder?

What would happen this summer 2009?

Who is Mencius?

Xuan Kong Zhang Pai Made Charity Contribution

Yin Feng Shui Visit to 2 Famous Tombs