Book 2 – The One Minute Feng Shui (English)

Learn to manage your life in just 124 minutes! Iron out the wrinkles in your path and smooth the way toward your destination. Personal, career, finances, family, relationships, home settings or work places, all can be optimized by following these proven techniques. Transform your hard work and determination and achieve a better quality of life!

This Eastern Wisdom, in a compilation of simple yet effective Feng Shui practical approaches, will help you harness the best energies and avoid negative ones. This book explores the power of Feng Shui, not as something you do, but as the energy of which you are a part.

Feng Shui involves studying the environment to create desired outcomes that you might not otherwise consider. Just as the subatomic particles that comprise us cannot be separated from the space, time and particles surrounding us, living beings cannot be isolated from the subtle energies of the environment in which we live.

The simple principle I urge you to explore with me is the existence of an ultimate force of energy that is well beyond the capacity of our mind to comprehend, but exists nonetheless. To engage that force properly is to harness the energy of the Universe to effect positive change in all aspects of your life. That is the art and science of Feng Shui. Let me help you take practical steps to smooth out your life… in just 124 minutes.