Book 22 -《 道家小冊子 》The Dao Book








Man is born in Dao

Zhuangzi is considered one of the Daoism pioneer next to Laozi. The knowledge of Daoism is also known as Laozhuang, which is short for Laozi and Zhuangzi. Some of his famous quotes and stories will be enclosed to enlighten our readers here.

Among others, his famous quote on Dao is as followed;

Fishes are born in water, Man is born in Tao. If fishes, born in water,

Seek the deep shadow of pond and pool, all their needs are satisfied.

This is like telling human that we are born in Dao without even realizing it. Just like fish swim in water without realizing the existence of water. It is also wind to bird, when they are flying they wont realize that the existence of wind! We always take advantages of water and air that we breathe in and drink, without these basic and yet essential free air and water, we would not be living. Treasure these and you will treasure Dao!

Let us examine the next statement;

If man, born in Dao, Sinks into the deep shadow of non-action.

To forget aggression and concern, he lacks nothing, and his life is secure.

This small statement carries mega message of Dao, in particular non-action. Non action does not mean not doing anything. It simply means that do not do things for your self-interest alone, and do not do things that violate the law of nature. It is this non-action that will allow you to do anything that will carry the desire outcome for all in concern. As we come naked to this world we will leave this world naked as well, the only things that one will leave is his or her legacy, if any!

Feng Shui and metaphysic are part and parcel of Dao, since we acknowledged that we knew only 4% of this world, metaphysic plays essential part in explaining the world, hopefully the right way, to readers!