Book 31 – Feng Shui- Daoism Metaphysic


In the beginning, the universe was nothing but a tumultuous expanse of chaos, but from this chaos sprang forth the earth and the heavens. As they were formed, matter began to slowly take shape and manifest in its own ways. From heaven came the skies and the cosmos. From earth, solid matter was born, creating forms and structure. And from humanity came reasoning and knowledge. This trinity of heaven, earth, and humanity, is known as San Chai. Laozi once said, Void and form exist in a cycle of mutual coexistence and transformation of one another. This idea is aligned with the Buddhism ideology of a cycle of birth and death. (utpda-nirodha, production and annihilation, all life, beginning and end). Both Buddhism and Daoism share the same theory of creation. However, Daoism applies the theory of metaphysics to all matter on earth.

Material forms, which are all subtly influenced by the five elements, produce kind or unkind energies, an idea that is derived from Daoism and Feng Shui and is an integral part of this book. Through this book Kerby hopes to ultimately share this profound knowledge with the world. The purpose of publishing this book is not to encourage superstition, nor is it to advertise his expertise and skill, but rather to share his point of view and present something valuable for readers to ponder. Through this he hopes to encourage discussion and the sharing of personal views. The high quality content of this book allows the world to know that Feng Shui and Daoism metaphysics share the same root. On this auspicious day, I celebrate my birthday, and have offered this preface to promote and uplift the image of this book.

Kwan Di

Jade Emperor

(via planchette writing, Tze Nam Koon, Sheung Wan Hong Kong July 26th 2016)