Book 13 – The Great Master of Dao-Lu Ju

Preface Heavenly Stems endorsed the Year of Snake (2013), and the blossoming of the yellow chrysanthemum in autumn (fall) signifies celebration of the sages’ teachings.Many generations have come and gone, yet Dao, being eternal, has remained. One can recollect that Lao ji left West Valley, leaving behind 5,000 words that are still as alive as they were in the ancient times. Daoism texts, books and scriptures discuss a wide range of significant and insignificant topics, some of them barely. The content and context of these manuscripts have rarely been translated into other languages to benefit non-Chinese speaking people. It is heartening to know that one of my disciples Kerby Kuek, who is well-versed inthe Chinese metaphysics and is relentlessly pursing Dao, has authored this meaningful book after exhaustive research. This book will be released in the Year of Horse (2014) to benefit all mankind. Revered Master Lu Ju Planchette Writing (Fu Ji)-The Mystic Connection with the God 2013 Mid-autumn at Tse Nam Koon, Sheung Wan Hong Kong